Winter Games 2022

- Start on 28.01.2022 at 3:00 pm server time [GMT+2]
- Entry fee - FREE
- Duration - 30 days

General Terms & Conditions:

- Only accounts at level 20 or more are eligible to participate. This does not apply for version 5 accounts, for they have no levels. To register an account from version 5, it has to have more than 500 points and its registration must have been made more than one week before the tournament registrations. Imperia Online employees are barred from participation.

Rules of the tournament

- Game speed of Empires’ development - Mega Blitz (x10).
- All players will start with a basic state of the empire and 1 million of each resource available in it.
- Movement speed of personal armies - x4.
- Movement speed of alliance armies - x1.
- Alliances participating in the Games will compete in 12 different disciplines covering various aspects of the game.
- Every 1 to 4 days the discipline is going to be changed.
- The disciplines will not be known in advance and will only be announced shortly before each one begins.
- There will be no discipline during the first 3 days of the realm.
- Alliances are formed by up to 30 members.
- During the first 3 days after the beginning of the realm, the players will be able to join and leave freely the alliance. Upon the beginning of the disciplines, the alliances will be locked for changes and the options to expel, join, leave or invite will not be available.
- If there are players without an alliance after the 3rd day, they will be blocked and they won’t be able to continue.
- The limit for deployed army in an alliance holding is increased to 500 million soldiers.
- The level of barbarian threat will increase 10 times faster than usual.
- Each barbarian camp can send attacks against players placed at a distance of maximum 360 imperial miles, instead of 70.
- For every defeated barbarian camp the player will get a 25% increase in the strength of the barbarian attacks.
- Increasing strength of the Barbarian camps - each Barbarian camp defeated by а player will increase the size of the army of the next attacked Barbarian camp by a certain percentage. The increase is specific to the attacking player and will not affect the army that other players will see in the camp. The Barbarian army increase modifier in the camps returns its original value at the beginning of each day.
- The number of attacks that each player can send to barbarian camps is limited to 30 attacks per day, which also implies that the maximum expected strength of the barbarian attack that can be reached is 350%. The number of attacks to barbarian camps will not be limited in case there are disciplines like Runic Crafting and Most resources gathered from Independent cities during which the maximum expected strength of the barbarian attack that can be reached will be 500%.
- If an attacking barbarian army wins a Fortress siege, all player’s buildings level drop by 1 and their base net worth points cost is deducted from player’s points. If a building is under construction, the level in progress is suspended and its net worth points are deducted. Houses’ level cannot drop below 5 in the Capital, and below 1 in the rest of the Provinces. If level 8 of a Fortress in an indestructible colony gets destroyed by a barbarian, the colony will become destructible again.
- Barbarian armies do not have carrying capacity, they always loot everything if they win a fortress siege.
- The new feature Imperial Higher Military Academy will bring a massive military reform in the battles of the tournament. In it you will be able to specialize your units by upgrading their basic statistics or adding new specific skills.
- The specialization of each of the 4 main unit types (spearmen, archers, swordsmen and cavalry) is divided into 10 levels, which simultaneously affect the 3 classes (light, heavy and elite). In 8 of those 10 levels you will be able to improve a basic statistic by choosing from enahnced attack, hitpoints or army upkeep. It is important to emphasize that specialization increases the base value of the chosen statistic which is then affected by all other modifiers like technologies, terrain, great people, etc. In the remaining 2 levels you will be able to enhance an existing special skill of the chose unit or to grant it a completely new skill that is typical of another type of unit.
- You can specialize more than one type of unit, but the levels for each next unit started will be considerably pricier compared to the previous one. The price is in 1 type of resource which will change for each next level. Specializing is not instantaneous and there is time needed before you will be granted the option to choose an enhanced statistic or skill. Your choice will not be final and can be changed at any time.
- The army upkeep will vary depending on the percent that the army represents from the total networth of the player.
- Players will be able to select governments for their empires.
- Players will be able to send all types of resources to their allies.
- Players will be able to send reinforcements to their allies.
- The morale drop differences during a battle will be increased from range 1-7 points per round to range 2-8 points per round.
- Locking attacks will work on a new principle. The networth of the attacking army must be at least 20% of the networth of the defender. The locking will occur only in the last 10 minutes before the battle instead of during the whole period in which the attack is visible.
- For the duration of the Games all participating players will gain double amount of account experience in the competition realm.
- No tournaments will be available.
- No Vacation mode.
- Alliance Premium will be available for activation for a one-time purchase and valid until the end of the tournament. The very maximum effect of the Alliance Premium will be achieved with just 30 subscribers, instead of 50.


- At the end of each discipline the top 10 alliances will get points - for 1st place in the discipline - 75 points, for 2nd - 45 points, for 3rd - 15 points, for 4th - 7 points, for 5th - 6 points, for 6th - 5 points, for 7th - 4 points, for 8th - 3 points, for 9th - 2 points, for 10th - 1 point.
- If 2 or more alliances have the same score at the end of a discipline, the ranking will be decided by a tiebreaker rule which will be announced at the start of each discipline.
- Winner of the Winter Games will be the alliance with the most points won from disciplines.
- If less than 10 alliances manage to score any points from disciplines, alliances without points will also be qualified in the final top 10 by the following rule: which alliance has smaller result when calculating the average value of all its positions in the different disciplines, divided by the number of disciplines it participated in.
- The following tiebreakers will decide the final ranking if 2 or more alliances have an equal score:
1st tiebreaker - which alliance has more gold medals
2nd tiebreaker - which alliance has more silver medals
3rd tiebreaker - which alliance has more bronze medals
4th tiebreaker - which alliance has smaller result when calculating the average value of all its positions in the different disciplines, divided by the number of disciplines it participated in
5th tiebreaker - which alliance has more networth points


- Members of alliances that finished in the top 3 places of the final ranking will get Winter Games champion medals in their profiles.
- Members of alliances which managed to win at least one first, second or third place in a discipline, but their alliances did not qualify in the final top 3, will get a participation ribbon. Each player can get only 1 ribbon.
- Alliances qualified in top 10 of the final ranking will get diamonds as follows: 1st place - 6 800 000 diamonds, 2nd place – 4 250 000 diamonds, 3rd place – 3 400 000 diamonds, 4th place – 2 550 000, 5th place - 2 040 000 diamonds, 6th place - 1 700 000 diamonds, 7th place - 1 190 000 diamonds, 8th place - 1 190 000 diamonds, 9th place - 1 190 000 diamonds, 10th place - 1 190 000 diamonds.
*All diamonds will be given in the form of e-pin vouchers for expiring diamonds valid for 30 days.

*The Imperia Online Team reserves its right to change the rules of the tournament at any time without prior notification or explanation to the participants.